technique can be done in several ways:

As a lip blushing, which will give your lips a subtle color over the entire lip.
As a full solid color, which looks like lipstick.
As a dark color lip correction. After this step, even darker color lips can be introduced with desired color without an undesired bluish or grayish tone after 1 year.
This procedure is very helpful for the small symmetry correction.
Since the skin on the lips doesn’t retain pigment as well as the rest of the skin, some clients require two or three touch-ups.

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Who does it work for?

Expect to leave your appointment a little puffy and to spend a week looking like you just got fresh lip injections.

How long does it last?

Once you’ve been through the several touch-up appointments needed to first achieve your desired look, the color will last about a year. You will need to do color refreshment once a year.
One of the most frequent clients question: Must I have the same color on my lips all the time?
Answer is: No. You can put any lipstick over PMU. Of course, when you choose the PMU color, you have to think well and understand that you will be in a different situation- going to work, beach etc.…
I recommend to always choose a sweet color, which will give you a fresh look.


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