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Sasenka Martic

Sasenka Martic was born in Croatia and lived in Serbia for most of her life. She graduated from University of Economy and as a business-owner, exclusively distributed natural cosmetics.
While it started as a hobby, she has been in the Permanent Makeup (PMU) industry since 1998.
In 2014, she moved to USA to solely work with PMU
In 2016, she began organizing courses for Mr Babic, owner of PhiAcademy.
In 2019, she became a Master of PhiAcademy.




Phibrows Artist

Phicontour Artist

Phiremoval Master

Phinjection Artist

Micronedeeling Master

Phibright Master

During all these years, her main focus was correction and extraction of the pigments. This changed when she found Phiremoval Technique. It became her passion. She admires all the possibilities it provides and its focus on preserving the structure of the skin. For the first time, she achieved great results without worrying about the post-treatment skin condition.
Alongside PhiAcademy’s support, she seeks to pass this essential knowledge to her students.


Our vision

Beauty is the most powerful feminine weapon.
We agree that youth is transient; however, beauty lasts for as long as we nurture it.
Our vision is to gather PhiClients who will be recognized because of their nourished beauty.
To offer them professionals and artists with the ultimate manual skills to serve beauty.
Under any circumstances, they must
be chosen among the educated and rational professionals who understand that only together we can achieve our goal. Cooperation is a must because beauty is not maintained only in salons; it is maintained with healthy habits, diet, exercising, and everyday care.


about me

Bethzaida Nazario

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Carolina MArdones

– Phibrows master Chile –

My experience with Master Sasenka Martic was excellent, she is a person with whom you feel comfortable and confident quickly. I was amazed at the great sense of listening to the students’ questions and solving the questions with great patience. She is a very clear and sincere woman when it comes to educating, I am grateful for her dedication in each of her educations and for her generosity by transferring all her experience ”

Robin Camilo Vanegas Acosta

As a micropigmenter I can change lives by implanting a pigment in the skin, but for some time I have realized how important it is to know how to remove a pigment. Clients with bad procedures arrive at my office day after day.
Sasenka Martíc Master in Phiremoval, has taught me this great technique which allows me to provide the help my clients needs with bad procedures, Sasenka is a great teacher, who is always willing to guide you during and after the learning process.
It has value what weights in gold, charismatic and intelligent,Without reservations at the time to share your knowledge.
PHIREMOVAL is one of the best investments I have made in my professional career.


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