This technique is based on generating enough pressure to launch hyaluronic acid preparations into human skin. Phinjection Pen device is designed to force liquid through its specially-designed ampoule with micro holes, generating an ultrafine stream of liquid able to penetrate the skin. It is considered non-invasive because it does not contain needles.
With this technique, three types of treatment can be done: smoothing appearance of the nasolabial folds, marionettes, and lip volume augmentation.
The new technique for injecting hyaluronic fillers and bio-revitalizing is completely needle-free. Needle-free injection systems are primarily used in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Because of all its advantages, it was just a matter of time when this needle free system found use in the cosmetic field.

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Phinjection Treatment – When to use, Details and Advantages

Needle-free technique allows: Less pain, less stress for needle phobia clients and absence of tissue damage. It eliminates the risks associated with using the needle, as well as problems with needle waste disposal. Thanks to this new principle, the injection of hyaluronic preparations does not require medical personnel.
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